Foto by Caren Heuser

Registration starts on Sunday, March 8 at 8:00 PM 

Ladies and Gentlemen, Sailors and Sailorettes,

pick your best maritime dress and get ready to sail & swing the HHLX.

We invite you to our maritime city, which is known as “the gateway to the world” for five nights of dancing and daytime activities. This year, you will experience only the best of Hamburg while you are dancing and socializing, for example

*dance & cruise on a paddle steamer by night with “Bun Jon & The Big Jive” (live)

* set the dancefloor on fire with our famous Band “Ragtime United” 

*say good bye in an archor boat with a blues at our museum harbour

*outdoor dancing at famous places in Hamburg

and even more. This year you will get 100% Hamburg, 100% Swing

Your team of Hamburg Lindy Exchange