Hamburg Lindy Exchange Program 2020

100 % Hamburg, 100% Swing

some details will follow


Harbour Boat Sightseeing (only FP)

Starts about noon

The tour will bring you to our outdoor dancing by boat and at the same time, we will discover the third biggest harbour in Europe.


Outdoor Dancing

Where: Steinwerder viewing platform
with regional special food for fullpass members.

You won t get a better view of the skyline of Hamburg than from this place.


Elbtunnel Swing Walk

Start: about 14:30
Where: Steinwerder viewing platform

If you haven´t attend this famous swing walk last year, you can t miss it this year !!! The Elbtunnel is amongst the top ten Sightseeing Spots in Hamburg and you will swing it. Goose bump feeling !!!




Boat Cruise Party with Bun Jon & the Big Jive

Entrance: 20:00
Where: Missisippi Queen,
Band: Bun Jon & the Big Jive

The Highlight of HHLX. While we are cruising on this 20ties styled paddle steamer with three floors, you will see the harbour and the skyline of Hamburg by night. It is magical. And as if this wouldn´ t be enough, you will get a dance party at its best. Bun & Jon and the Big Jive won t give you a chance to stop dancing. They are international wide known for an amazing party and 100% danceable.


Swinging Brunch


When: 11:00 – 14:00

Let your body recover, meet your new friends by a delicious brunch and enjoy fine Swing tunes.



Afternoon Dance


If you are still have energy and want to continue dancing, than you will get another chance.



Riverboat Blues

19:00 – 23:00
Museumshafen Ovelgoenne

Say goodbye at our museum harbour on an anchor boat with a hot blues.